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To Our Countries لبلادي

Publié par Faïa & Rihan Younan sur 17 Octobre 2014, 07:35am

So rare is it to come across video that so powerfully stops us in our tracks – especially one about regional politics. ‘To Our Countries’ is an 8 minute and 44 second plea to all Arab Nations to end the violence, the killing and the psychological suffering. It was produced by a group of young people living in Sweden and originally from Syria, Iraq, Lebanon and Palestine. In the video are Faia and Rihan Younan, two young Syrians living in Stockholm. Their combination of strength, power, beauty and confidence are how we would define the ultimate woman in fashion to be. She is a leader of thought, of mind, and of example. We are so proud to have them represent the young modern Arab woman of our day. https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=4GO52i0xui8 You must watch the video.

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